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Las Vegas, NV So supreme! I came here looking for something different to do during my stay for 4 days in Vegas than gambling or sightseeing that day and decided to come here on a Wednesday around 3pm. It was about 4 miles from my hotel. It looks old and non-descript outside. Vintage is the word! So I was a seasoned vet and play quite well. I got 3rd highest score on Asteroids!

Ok then on to the pinball magic. I found many of the pinball games I played had bumpers that did not kick. No machines ate my money in the slots. I read other reviews that the owner is an odd fellow and not nice to young kids making noise. I think I passed him. He had his head down. I only dealt with a lady who I assume might be his wife and she was ok.

She told me where those change machines were. I also noted they have a drink machine you can buy drinks and a cute popcorn machine that dispenses small bags for 25 cents!

I did not try it but really cool to say the least! I got maybe replays on pinball games. You could see the massive progression of complexity and advancement of these mega machines versus each decade prior. I really liked that a handful of machines had an index card noting how many of that machine was produced, how well it was received back when produced and back story, year made etc.

The owner definitely is very knowledgeable collector and afficionado of all these gaming rigs! If I had the money I would rent a warehouse and outfit it with these similar beasts! A time capsule to go back in time! It was a nice little place to check out. Especially if you come to Vegas often and want to do other things than the usual gambling and partying. There are older pinballs that costs. Even the kids will have a great time. What is amazing to me is this place is run by a nonprofit organization.

They keep the games running for the love of the games, not to make money. Bring your quarters, have fun, and keep the place going!

Dirty, overcrowded, and full of tourists livestreaming and taking photos but not playing games. The management is the pits - very rude and unhelpful. This place has gone downhill considerably in the past few years.

I had read reviews of people not enjoying this place, but we had family in town and had to try it! We were prepared with quarters, but they have money machines there to make change. Be ready to spend a lot of money in a short amount of time! Super vintage, not too crowded, it was loud enough with the games going on so you can talk and walk and take photos. We tried out a lot of different games, and the machines have cool historical information on them and the dates they were created.

Absolutely cute little pinball joint! So many pinballs but be aware that the money does add up because it is super fun and pretty awesome! Bring cash so you can exchange it for quarters. Fun place to check out for a different kind of date night! And spent another 25 cents for popcorn.. They have variety of pin ball machines hundreds and hundreds of them , also some mini bowling, few arcade games, air hockey, old school pac man and other arcade games. Very vintage place, like I said good for cute date night, or meeting up with couple of buddies to reminisce on some old school games.

I took of one star because a few games are not kept up so well, saw some guy yelling at the bowling machine because It took his money twice. The staff are there to help when you come across issues they come and fix it and give you back the money.. I would say most games are in good shape considering they have been around for a while. The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas is not some stuffy museum where archaic machines are left to rust behind panes of plexiglass.

Rows upon rows of old pinball and other arcade machines fill up this small warehouse-type space. The further to the left you get in the building, the older the machines get. Imagine the nostalgia people get when they see games from their childhood 40 years ago. I mostly have to play the Pinball Arcade app on my tablet.

Anyone who likes to play classic pinball should download it! So, the next time you are in Vegas, stop in here to try a few classic machines. Our last day in Vegas was the best. The Iron Maiden machine was incredible! Who was a trip. This place is dark and a little creepy, unkempt and a bit scattered Went there with my kids and we all loved it!!

They also have classic video games, and other game machines. The volunteers there lovingly take care of the machines and keep them in working order. Definitely worth the visit, a very affordable way to have fun for a couple of hours. One of my favorite non-gambling venues to visit while in town. It was a trip down memory lane, so many machines from my youth.

I thought the older machines would cost more to play. Location is easy to find, the exterior is very subtle. The Pinball Hall of Fame is awesome! Most of the games for a quarter, you still get 3 lives pinballs. They have tons and tons of pinball games. Some are old school, vintage games and some are brand new. They even have little stools and a few chairs, so that little kids can see over the pinball machines.

They also have Super Mario Bros, which is my all time favorite and a few skee-ball and bowling games. We had a great 1st trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame. Can lose track of time here having fun playing pinball. Every machine has a theme. Most of them only cost 50 cents for 3 balls.

They have change machines. Some machines did eat our coins though. I like how this place is strict about children. I complained about an unaccompanied child and the problem was dealt with swiftly.

I can see it being a fun date location. Shortly after I reached 18, they changed the bylaw to allow anyone into arcades regardless of their age. In any event, the Pinball Hall of Fame brought me back to my childhood. The place has both video games as well as pinball machines. I wanted to play Spyhunter and I used to be pretty good at it but the game acted erratically.

I would classify the game as being broken but it still worked marginally. I played a few games of Punch-Out where I gained the high-score. Pac-Man as well as a few pinball machines. I would rank this place as 4. These play a LOT different than pinball games from later years.

There are also other classic sprite-based video games but the real draw is the pinball. There is no admission fee. Instead, games run on quarters. Most take one, but some require anywhere from 2 to 4 to play.

Change machines are provided, which leads to my only minor quibble about this place. It is easy just to change out dollars for quarters and leave. I wonder if there is a way to allow the use of tokens; this way the money put in the change machine is guaranteed to go to the business and the player must use the tokens at this facility, instead of, say, a laundromat. Lots of machines to play!

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