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I go every week and will continually praise their work and recommend them. Christine is absolutely amazing. She is such a patient, kind and knowledgeable woman. I do cupping and acupuncture. Do you needles hurt? The cupping on the other hand is a little uncomfortable but so very worth it. I appreciate the ease of getting acupuncture services here I sign up for an appt online usually there are same-day ones available , talk to the practitioner, and then sit back with needles in me for an hour-ish.

Does it hurt when the needles go in? Yes, but only briefly, like getting a low-key shot. The price is the best aspect I used them twice when I was visiting in October. I definitely recommend them and will use them again when I visit again. I found this place on Yelp. A male and female Acupucturist treated me I forgot their names , they did a great job and I felt better afterwards. They offer a great service. The cost is a sliding scale.

It is community meaning a large room with recliners. For those that need needles in the back, they have room s. Also they offer cupping. They have a wide selection of Chinese herb supplements for your needs. There is plenty of parking in this commercial center which was conveniently located to highway access. This morning I searched blogs on remedies that could assist.. Lo and behold, the recommendation of Acupuncture. Time rolls around for my appointment and I walk in papers in hand, and barely breathing.

I meet Wally, who I immediately have a nerd crush on.. Wally is impressed by this-- and I see a little love returned.. We move into the cupping phase of my appointment. The entire USA Olympic team was sporting those marks. So Wally cups me gently.. But I adore Wally.. So Wally returns thank you baby Jesus and he takes those bad boys cups off. Wally escorts me into the "needling" community room, and it looks like a cross between a breast feeding room, and a blood donation area.

Except-- I suddenly feel as though I am high.. As I lay there with my newly formed high, I start to cough.. I realize that aliens are vacating to a new landing spot.. Finally, I get it under control, wishing I had some water to subside the little burn Wally has done his magic, and her aliens have left her brain too. I still have alien drainage going on.. Not sure what else Wally can cure-- but I think I may have found my main squeeze-- weekly dating of course..

This place is fantastic!! The chiropractor had a long waiting list, but South Austin Community Acupuncture had openings immediately! I scheduled an appointment with Christanne online. Upon arriving to the office, i was greeted by the super friendly gal at the front desk.

I filled out some paperwork and was taken into a private room soon after. The cupping was such a cool experience and Christanne was sure to explain the process. I think my appointment lasted almost 2. When I began my acupuncture, there were two other clients in the office. By the time I left, all of the chairs were full. This place has been so wonderful. I called in because my father had hurt himself very bad. I highly recommend this place.

If I could give this place stars I would. I feel so blessed that I live nearby. After three back-to-back treatments, my pain went from a 10 to a 1. Acupuncture quickly gave me my life back. I can walk with no pain.

I can jump and I can run. Acupuncture will get rid of the pain fast. The old adage "you get what you pay for" certainly applies here. He has helped me with a bunch of issues over the years - back and neck pain, vertigo, allergies, etc. Get yourself an appointment ASAP! This place is loaded with relaxation, knowledgeable and caring staff, and any herb than can help with what you may be suffering with.

Wallie always has great recommendations for herbs and has wonderful bedside manner. I no longer live in Austin, but every time I come back to visit I make sure to book an appointment here.

Never having done acupuncture before I decided to give it a shot. My upper back below the neck had a tingling sensation at times and I felt I needed to do something about it. One thing I noticed about this place was that the prices were much lower. I went in for a 2pm appointment and was greeted by the receptionist.

The room was a little dark. Soon my acupuncturist Wally greeted me. I went into his office and told him about my back situation. He ushered me into a private room and did some cupping on my back. It was a little tense. When that was finished the needles went in. I felt a tiny tingling sensation and that was it. I even fell asleep at some point. My head was a little dizzy at first, but I soon regained equilibrium.

South Austin Community Acupuncture is great affordable acupuncture! They are very knowledgeable and professional. I did it once or twice a week before my 1st IVF round.

I got pregnant with our 1st embryo transfer. A couple years later we transferred our remaining frozen embryos in 2 different transfers. No acupuncture and neither was successful. I then did about 6 months of acupuncture and did another IVF cycle.

Even though I was in my mid 30s now I had even better embryos than the 1st time. We transferred 2 embryos and they both took. If you are suffering from infertility I highly suggest you give it a try. Not to mention that it helps with all sorts of other pains and conditions as well. Some things just work. South Austin Community Acupuncture is a great place to get same-day appointments at a reasonable price.

The practitioners are helpful and take time to work with you on your treatment. They also do cupping for muscular pain, which can be much more effective than massage or chiropractic when the pain is acute. They charge on a sliding scale. She really listens and I get relief every session. I think she is the reason I will survive this pregnancy.

The experience is always excellent! These days is can be quite difficult to find someone who listens to what you need but that is exactly what happens here. I love community acupuncture!

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