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Seems the franchise business is only lucrative if you can afford the higher end ones that costs millions. David Permalink Done more reviews of Anytime and not too happy. Seems you need a huge volume of customers to make money and you will be paying over 22, a month for rent and equipment leases among several other things. Seems like a huge gamble!!!!! Plus over grand for a new one and having close to a members is difficult in this type of business.

I would probably avoid this one. We travel all over the country amd have been to dozend of clubs. Most clubs have been very clean and friendly helpful staff.. We were in the middle of a video and it just quit. Tried to get it to come back on and screen went blank then a computer desk top came on.. Will never be back! Of cause, it is easy to blame a company and not look at your own problems. The trick to make a franchise business profitable is very easy.

Besides being able to pay the franchise fee you should be able to buy the equipment needed as well as the location of the gym. If you are able to do that you can easily turn a profit. The biggest expenses you have in this type of business are labour, Rent, Franchise fees and upkeep.

If you own the location, you reduce cost drastically. But as I mentioned earlier, this means you need the finances to back it up. In addition, keep labor cost low by working on your own for the first year to establish a costumer base. Labor is one of the main expenses in a business that cuts into your profit margin.

Only get additional personal trainers if they are profitable for your business or get independent trainers that pay you a monthly fee to bring their cliants to your gym for workout sessions.

For everybody that complains here all the time you have to understand that a franshise does not mean running a risk free, easy, investor type business, where you can lean back and count cash. All you do is pay for national brand recognition and national advertising thats what the franchise fees are for. If you look at franshises like Mcd or Bk you see that the investment requirements are a lot here because of the reasons mentioned above.

If Rent is higher and the other variables than you can turn this little profit into a massive loss. I opened my own location in I am now the General Manager of an Anytime Fitness. This location is profitable, but its been open 8 years. We are in a financially stable area with the closest large box gym about min drive away. If not for our location this facility would probably not be here today.

Although they are very helpful if you call them. I would not open an Anytime Franchise myself, but I have also been in this industry for years. That is without overtime and employee benefits. Also, if additional workers are needed, then the profit drops considerably. Do not forget about the self-employment taxes or medical insurance.

If you own the location, then you are better off renting it no headaches of running the gym.

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