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We are finally updating, after all this time. WNBC was obviously trying very hard to sound as boring as possible in this aircheck, playing several slow songs in row - probably to contrast the coming change to full out Top Thanks to Matt Craig of bigappleairchecks.

At the time, Steele was retiring from his daily Monday-Saturday programs. He remained on Saturdays weekly for many years, and eventually went to once monthly. Steele died in December , and has been honored on this page. My thanks to Rich Bosse, who prides himself in the audio quality of his airchecks.

WPEN was a significant force in those days, known as great sounding adult contemporary station. Aircheck was contributed by Steve West. Thanks to contributor emeritus Den Jackson for this example of radio that can still sound good. Ballou died in , at age Contributed by Mark Connelly from his collection.

They were a great sounding tightly formatted AC station. My thanks for Jim for this neat memory of my college days. Gotta love the way he says "after" and goes into that occasional falsetto for which he was well known. Donated to us by Mark Connelly. Reynolds was an early influence on my interest in radio. You never knew what to expect from him - on this aircheck he brakes into an impression of Jack Benny, and apologizes for remarks he made about the Beatles.

For me, moments like those made him a joy to listen to. Reynolds first radio job was in Thanks to Mark Connelly for bringing me back to my early teen years with this one.

Boston Radio Jingles Part 1: My favorites are in part Contributor Mark Connelly really rings the bell with this one! Throughout the years, McDougall used several names. It features lots of sound effects and novelty records - in other words, it differed from that average, everyday format that WACKY did! Glen had a smooth and youthful delivery that was perfect for a station like WAQY, and he still sounds the same on fm. Thanks to Glen Stevens for this great aircheck that brought back lots of memories.

Listen to a dial up version of this aircheck here. You can check out information on the book by clicking to www. Download this file as an mp3 by right clicking here.

The station was later WCSS. Pope passed in The Program Director at the time was Terrell Metheny, who had masterfully put together the tight format and station imaging. They were a great station for watts out of Albany. My thanks again to Lloyd Smith for this great snapshot of great early sixties radio. The aircheck just leaves me - speechless! Swenson got to work with and hang out with the Wolfman during his career in radio. I wished I could have been like Richard Dreyfus in American Graffiti - drive out to the transmitter site and find the Wolfman on the board.

Ron spent a lot of time floating around the US, and had been in Philly for the last several years. Steven himself believes this composite is from December Contributor Wollman operates the Boston Radio email list and corresponding website, www.

Thanks to Mike for his contribution! The aircheck was contributed by Bob Swenson, who has been a great supporter and contributor to this site over the years. Allan Camp himself contributed this aircheck, and is another great supporter and contributor.

Great Doo-Wop tunes too! An historical contribution from George Allen, and we thank you! Randell passed in from cancer. Thanks to Dale Linden for this great contribution! Tons of great WPTR jingles, production, commercials and newscasts all left in, and all that! You can catch a great picture of Allen on our blog. We thank Allen Shaw for this great aircheck! My greatest thanks to Bob Swenson for this piece of radio history!

This aircheck, from late in seems to indicate that the format might have tightened up a little bit less poetry, more music but does include an interview with Roger McGuinn of the Byrds where he comments on doing concerts in South Africa. The music is classic, commercial sounding progressive rock. The contribution came from Allen Shaw, who pioneered the format.

WBZ Grease Weekend The did it live from Paragon Park Nantasket Beach that really added a lot to the excitement and nostalgia of the weekend. Finally, listen as Robert W. Morgan comes in from California for a shift All the spots and jingles are left in for your further amusement - Ingram talks through a lot of the spots and jingles. He even does a git with the "Hern". Check it out, it is hilarious! Second Big Dan offering is extra special from recorded off the board at WABC, so you get to hear Ingram with no processing or reverb.

Shaw for the Big thanks to you both! We sure are proud to present these three tracks of Glick here. It was vastly popular. Contributed by Bob Swenson - thanks Bob! They are performed by longstanding program contributor Larry Kenney, and probably written by sidekick Charles McCord. A great contribution from Ed Somma. The format was designed to run on the old Schafer series automation systems widely used for beautiful music stations.

My thanks to Allen Shaw for this fascinating contribution. A decidedly upbeat Mr. Cole did middays at WHDH during those years. The aircheck features lots of jingles and commercials that will give you a feeling for listening to the station.

Cole makes a great comment on the building of the Prudential Center, as well. The end of the aircheck features a promo performed, and probably written by the beloved Jess Cain.

May of marks the installation of Mr. My thanks to Bob Swenson for this great aircheck! He now syndicates a weekly program "American Standards by the Sea". Thanks to Steve Tefft for this great contribution! Mendelson has that sound of a jock who WDRC. Our supplier for this old tape was Rich Bosse - our thanks Rich! What a way to start off a Dance Party From my personal collection. Channel 5 COULD be running "Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy" or some other syndicated fare, but instead offers local production each weekday evening at 7: This aircheck is of pretty good quality, and includes all the commercials left in.

Formatically, WAVZ was about as tight as any station Listen to how they go in stopsets Out of stopsets with shotgun jingles. Compressed, energized audio quality. This great gift from Andy Bologovsky is very much appreciated! All in all, this is great radio. Thanks to Bob Swenson for the tape! Thank Richie Norris for the audio. Normally, WNAB was buried at night 15 miles away in Westport, but there was nothing under them on this auroral night.

This is Steve introing a Stepin Fetchit comedy bit and telling a story after. Steve rode to the station on his Harley, and according to Mike actually brought it up the stairs to the lobby because the WNAB studios were in an unsafe part of town!

radio airchecks from the 's to present day. Steubenville is a city in and the county seat of Jefferson County, Ohio, United States. Located along the Ohio River, it had a population of 18, at the city's name is derived from Fort Steuben, a fort that sat within the city's current limits and was named for German-Prussian military officer Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.

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